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ALLSEE – is a Ukrainian number 1 beauty company that aims to make every sight in the world more beautiful and expressive. They became pioneers who proved that eyebrows and lashes have the power to change the look of the face completely.

The company produces high-quality brands for lash, brow masters, and mass-market users; has developed a solid educational base for beauty masters; distributes the best Italian brow brands in Ukraine.

the challenge

Fifteen years ago, Yulia Iskusnykh started to develop her brand as a lash master. Her talent and approach led her to create a lash and brow beauty school that has become one of the most efficient in Ukraine and around the world. Masters began to inherit her technics, leading to a vast network of professionals.

While practicing, Yulia tested different materials and instruments to create the best look, but she couldn't find a perfect product line that would cover the master's needs. That’s why she decided to produce her own brand for lash and brow masters and created "Sculptor" and "ROB". As a result, Yulia and her team operated with a broad product portfolio. 
 … created for lash and brow
masters two brands: "Sculptor" and "ROB"
The main problem was the absence of structured communication.
The team used chaotic communication channels, each of which did not bring the desired result but only wasted the team's time and resources.

the brief

For a company that works in 3 directions at once: customers, masters, and distributors, it is essential to understand the desires and expectations of everyone. The company's positioning should resonate with each group and create a set of innovative solutions that will help develop the brow and lash industry in Ukraine and abroad. 
Okay, say no more!
Okay Monday gets to work


It all started with extensive research, including interviews with lash and brow masters, sales representatives, and team members. We saw the intersection points between the three groups, the strengths, and weaknesses of the company, and were able to highlight the insight that formed the basis of the further brand strategy. 
Moreover, we conducted research among the target audience, which spoke about their attitude to eyelash and eyebrow care and procedures, how they use cosmetic products, their beauty routine, etc.
The collected data showed us the real essence of things. We find out that proper communication could transform all the minuses into growth points. 

We have updated the structure, created a transparent system of communication channels, optimized existing and added new formats. The analysis of local and international competitors showed us the stage where the industry was. We found gaps and saw how we could influence the course of lash and brow care history and change direction from uniformity towards self-expression and innovation.
All the evidence base showed us that the company is ready to become an opinion leader in the industry.
... become an opinion leader in the industry

the Result

Bright, brave, and trendy ALLSEE brand is ready to break into the international market and declare themselves loudly. The new brand strategy included the development of a unique visual and communication style that aligns with the values and spirit of the company. Gradient design and accents were created for each direction and target group to show how we can unite as one, working in several directions.
The development of the company's overall style continued with a long-term collaboration as part of the creation of concepts for a new eyebrow brand, an educational complex, a new salon format, and more. But we will talk about this a little bit later… shhh.
Every member of our team feels tremendous pride and pleasure in taking part in developing such a large-scale project and each of its directions separately. We are happy to have the opportunity to prove by experience that a mix of Ukrainian approach and foreign experience can create genuinely magical things. And ALL will SEE it very soon.
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