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Good health is above wealth. Everyone should care about it. That is why we were so happy to welcome. Estet as one of our new projects – the Ukrainian dental clinic, which comes from the picturesque city of Uzhgorod in Western Ukraine. It was small but enormous in talent and opportunity that its founders decided it was time to grow.

the challenge

A dentist is one of the most common fears. Our challenge was to remove 
people's fear of dental treatment. Show them that technology has reached 
a level where treatment is painless. Teach them how to take care of their health.Show how dental health affects the state of the whole organism. 
Motivate to come to the clinic and solve problems with the oral cavity 
as quickly as possible.

the brief

The founders of Estet dentistry are a young couple of dentists, each of whom is a star in this industry. They gathered around themselves a team of future dentistry gurus who proved their professionalism in action. This selection was long, hard, and serious.

The clinic began to grow actively, but they were forced with the challenge that most clients choose dentistry based on recommendations. And those who were in Estet specifically recommended founders as the best choice. This fact was a kind of barrier for the rest of the team to prove themselves.

Our task was to change the perception of the clinic, highlight all key benefits, and make clients feel confident about all dentists in Estet with the help of a communication strategy.




We decided to start our partnership with the conversations with founders, dentists, administrators, and clients. These conversations allowed us to understand why they like or dislike Estet, and the reasons they want to return or never come back.

What did the team expect from the company in the future? How had people's attitudes to their health changed after the epidemic? Do they know that dental health affects the well-being of the whole body? How is it going with dentophobia? As always, the answers gave us insight.

We analyzed the communication channels of other clinics and saw a considerable amount of the same content: bad teeth and sore gums. Before and after effect, but that doesn't make it any less disturbing.
...especially for those who have dentophobia

Then we found out the source of fear. And it could disappear when you start talking about its causes, help fight it and add a pinch of fun.

the Result

Small dentistry externally showed its potential and surprised us with its internal scale. A scale that no longer fits into concrete walls. It became clear to us that we cannot call Estet just a "dental clinic" with all the possibilities and technologies.

This whole specialized dental complex brought together the best in the profession under its roof. The next step was to arrange it visually and rebuild the European dental complex, which will visually tell about its potential.

And while we were developing the visual style of our complex, we decided to concentrate on preparing personal brands for each dentist, updating the scripts and visual style of communication channels, and improving our customer service.

We did not devalue the fear, but helped to fight it.

Visual content on social networks differed from other clinics and showeda different type of content: pleasant, aesthetic, funny, and motivated to care about yourself.

This project was helpful and greatly affected us, pointing out that health is our most valuable resource.
Thanks to the Estet team for their approach, values, and commitment. We are looking forward to seeing the complex opening – a new technological and client-oriented step in dentistry.
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