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Have you ever been to Paris? If not, please don't worry, because now a piece of Paris will be in Kyiv soon. Authentic French rotisserie where you can taste chicken, break open a crispy baguette with your hands, spread a thick layer of butter on it, and wash it all down with a glass of French red wine...mmm 

Welcome to TWI!
The place where you can taste France as it is.

the challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic has made adjustments to our travel plans. When we did not visit other countries, many of us dreamed of walking through the streets of our favourite cities, visiting our favourite places, and going to that same café.

Someone missed sunny Barcelona, someone wanted to party in Berlin, and others missed the atmosphere of Paris. The city where glamour can be greatly combined with simplicity.
The city where glamour can be greatly combined with simplicity.

the brief

Let's be honest, if we're asked to describe in words the way we saw France, we'll start giving out stereotypes about the Eiffel Tower, expensive shops, and onion soup. But didn't you think that these representations from tourist collections were a little outdated?

Suddenly, France was not as prim and pretentious as it seems to us.

What if this country could be simple, easy-going, could get a dirty shirt while spreading sauce on bread, could lightly pour champagne while making a toast, and joyfully hug a friend? That was how we see France, and we were ready to bring this vision to everyone who lacked the atmosphere of Paris. That Paris, we were told not by standard articles but by the local citizen himself. Ready? Аller!




The strategy for the TWI restaurant was developed together with a team of interior designers so that we could simultaneously synchronize the visual and the semantic vision.

In the process of working on the strategy, we analysed
3 categories of competitors:

☉ top restaurants in the city
☉ restaurants that are close to our TWI
☉restaurants that have occupied the niche «French restaurant»
We evaluated the menu, the level of service, interior design, reviews, location, and other criteria.
The restaurant industry in Kyiv was at a very high level, that's why for people who know the city and miss the authentic atmosphere of Paris, one chicken and croissant on the menu would not be enough.

Paris should feel from the first glance at the restaurant, in every tile, in the author's cocktails, in the welcoming.Bonjour of the administrator, in dishes, and in TWI's events.
Every detail was thought out, from Instagram posts to the menu's appearance, waiters, and dishes.

the Result

We brought the formula French-style + simplicity throughout the entire project. It was embodied in the design concept of the restaurant, as well as in the approach to our communication. 

While the restaurant is under construction, we really believe that we will soon be able to show you photos from the opening of TWI and the smiling guests who came to celebrate the victory.

We thank Anya Reshetnitskaya and her team for their openness, courage, and love for their work. Glad to work with you and create together, Arnia Agency!
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